Sunday, February 15, 2009

Style of Painting

Thought I would share some of my favorite oil paintings that I've completed in the last couple of years.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hearts and butterflys

I was lucky enough to find these great boxes at a yard sale and I had the wooded heart (also a yard sale find) and originally was going to be a bee mounted on it, but that didn't really do anything for me. Now, the butterfly did the trick. They blended in with the blue from the old maps and it was a good use for some old butterfly jewely. Big wooded balls for feet and a glass knob for a top piece.

Happy Valentine's Day

Recently I had to take a centerpiece for my sorority coffee, I decided early on it would be stitched hearts. I figured they would be finished and using dowels to make stems on the hearts, I would just get a fern or something to place them in an upright position. I told my sister-in-law Linda what I was doing and before I could figure it out totally, she made hearts and used a cheese shaker to put her hearts on display. Whalla ! what a great idea. They look like all day suckers in a display case. Materials are all card stock or scrapbook paper. Shaker is wrapped in scrapbook paper with an appropriate ribbon. Lots of possibilities for all holidays.