Thursday, February 21, 2013


I love collages and although I don't too many of them; it is still one of my favorite forms of art.

These little white holders for doll house sized wine goblets have been hanging around for quite some time and I've always loved them and knew someday they would have their 15 minutes of fame.

Well, here they are:
Without the frame.   Title of piece comes from the little bees on the left hand side and the word MERRY.

Here it is framed.  You can see the bees much better.

Another framed pieces - has some glare on it, but glass does that.
Hope you are Merry today! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dishes repurposed and embellished

A few weeks ago I posted a blog on dishes being re purposed.   You can view that Here  One of the combinations needed something else.

This was a wine glass with a little mini fish bowl on top.
It needed some embellishment and I added jewelry, consisting of chain and shells.

 Added a little candle in a jar - keeps from cleaning up wax.

Find the shells you want to use.  

 Add the shells around the candle:
Finished container.   Can't wait until it gets dark.

What uses do you make of old dishes??????

Monday, February 4, 2013

Starting on the yard - Step 1

If you read my post yesterday, you probably picked up on how much I loved the gardens of the studios on the TSKW Studio Tour over the weekend. 

I have one area behind my television room that has been looking really neglected.   Had our yard guy cut down a really poorly placed tree (my doing and my mistake) and it looked even worse.  

This morning my first stop on a list of errands was Home Depot, garden department.   River Rock.

Came home and started sprucing things up.   Moved everything off the existing gravel area.    Here is what I was dealing with then. 

The things on the original river stones was just neglected and growing quite randomly. 

 Moved every thing off.
Benny loved the new cleared area.  He thought it was a special place to get a sun bath.

 This is one of my favorite things.   It came from a glass factory in Oklahoma.   When they were finished with a job, the glass was just dumped.   Over the years it has broken in smaller pieces, but it is quite impressive. 
I arranged all the shells, --I love shells.  

 Here's the finished arrangement.   A little bright. 
Another picture in the partial shade.   It looks clean and neat and not neglected any longer.   Now on to another area.  Stay tuned.... 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Garden Tour and TSKW Studio Tour

Yesterday was just a perfect day.   The weather was great and I had plans to go to a plant tour and an artist studio tour.   Both were wonderful.   Here are some pictures.

What I like about garden tours, is there is always someone who can identify the plants; and the garden club has identified all the permanent trees. 
However, there wasn't anyone around that could identify this plant.   If you know, please leave a comment to identify it for me.   It is beautiful.
My friend Michele and I taking a momentary rest.  
The first stop on the tour was the studios of John Martini and Carol Munder.   The next few pictures are of John Martini's studio.   He does welding pieces.   They are my next 'must have' art piece.  They are beautiful, impressive and oh so much fun.  

 The above picture is a piece in process.   Welded pieces are really heavy and have to be moved on a sliding rail.   Not something you undertake casually.  
Michele again.  
The above picture is the home and studio of Phyllis  Rose and Laurent de Brunhoff.   Does the name de Brunhoff sound familiar - think Babar the Elephant.   He is the illustrator and is wife, Phyllis Rose, assists on writing the stories for Babar.   He had his illustration for his next book ready for viewing.   Really an inspiring residence and studio.
Last year was the Studio's first tour; you can see some photos from that tour Here.
About taking pictures at someones home or studio that is on tour.   I always ask and only take a few.  
The 2nd stop on the tour was the studio of Carrie Disrud and she has lovely items.   However, from my point of view, seeing the house was so inspiring that I had a tough time concentrating on the art.  
The last stop was Eric Anfinson, Mockingbird Studio.   It is lovely and was completely rebuilt after Hurricane Wilma (as was so much of Key West).   Also a very inspiring site, both inside and out.
Although this was a studio tour, I have to say that all of the studios (except the welder, it was a warehouse site) could also show up on the garden tours of Key West.   They were all inspiring and really puts me in the mood to do some extensive garden upgrades.   Stay tuned....
For those of you who have never known much about Key West, it has an amazing art community.   It really is an inspiring place to live - and nice weather all the time as a bonus.  

Friday, February 1, 2013

Lots of dishes repurposed

Recently my friend Michele told me she had acquired a lot of dishes, glasses, serving pieces, etc for a good price and maybe I'd like to join her in making some new uses for old dishes. After scouring my house for dishes and purchasing a few at the dollar store, I joined her yesterday for a great morning.
What a great place to work.  Covered but looks out to the canal.  

Some of the items made.   Amazing how classy a bowl looks when put on a base.  

The 3 bowls on this end are mine, the next two are Michelle's and they sit on candle sticks that had prisms hanging from them.   Really a lovely look  

There are several being weighted down.   The one with books on it is a vase mounted on a plate.   It will be used as a cake stand and the vase is still usable with the plate elevating it a bit

Michele tweaking the arrangement.

Sorry the picture is a bit dark. 

There I am with one of my creations.  

What a fun way to spend the morning.   Making stuff.   Still lots of things to make, but the creative juices are running.