Friday, August 30, 2013

Bird Bath Face Lift

Recently I posted about how I wanted to make changes to my yard.   My first change was posted HERE    All of these changes take a lot more time than I originally plan on, but worth the time.    I could have done some of the work myself, but with achy bones, I decided to hire some of it done and I will post those pictures soon.  

In the course of getting some of the work done, my bird bath needed to be moved.   It weighs a TON and I had the landscape guys move it.    Since it was moved, I decided it needed a face lift.   It was a gift from my husband in 1983 and has been with me ever since.   (So has the husband).  
The poor thing is very dirty.  I sanded the base and the bowl of the bird bath.  

After sanding, I painted all of the bird bath with a mixture of latex paint that had been thinned by half with water.   It covers nicely and wipes off easily.

As you probably have guessed, I don't throw a lot of stuff away.   My friend Michele gave me a broken lamp and that is the floral pieces and a lot of the blue and white is leftovers from previous mosaic projects.   The little blue round pieces are new from Dollar Tree.   They reflect the light very well.  

The blue glass tile around the edges are also from Michele.   I thought they gave a nice 'frame' effect to the top.  
Now I am just waiting for the birds to find it in it's finished shape.   

The yard is looking really good.   The rest of the project will be featured in a couple of days.