Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Talk to the Hand

I love assemblage art, but don't do too much of it.   I purchased this hand years ago at a yard sale and it has always spoken to me, but it never would tell me what I was to do with it.   My son recently hurt his hand really badly while he was in Korea.   So I call this piece Gaudy, Painful  & Scary.   I am glad the hand finally told me what it wanted to be. 

My son is back in the USA; his hand is fine and I'm more creative.  

A log transforms into a watermelon

I love watermelons and have made and/or bought a bunch of them over the years.   This little watermelon was a slice of palm tree that sat in my outdoor shed for at least 20 years.   I have moved it time and time again and thought each time I should paint it.   Last week I cleaned out this shed and threw away a bunch of stuff and decided the time is now.

Now I know it has taken me a really - REALLY - long time to get this project done!   It sure looks cute with the rest of my watermelons.