Saturday, February 4, 2012

Studio Tour - Key West

Key West is a very small island, but has so many things to do. Today there was a studio tour of 6 different artists, 5 studios. I went with my friend Michelle, you met her in the last post ( and we had such fun.

The Artists on tour were John Martini, Charles Pearson and Tim Roeder, John McIntosh, Lynn Sherman and Teresa Willis. They were all different, but all inspirational.

The garden area of potters Charles Pearson and Tim Roeder.

Chalres and Tim have one of the nicest Koi environments that I've ever seen. A bonus on top of seeing their studio.

Bad lighting, but Michelle and I with a sculpture from John McIntosh. So very much inspiration and a we had a great visit with John.

Michelle with one of John's sculpture.