Sunday, August 17, 2014

I love my stuff (as if you didn't know)

 I love my stuff.   However, if you've followed this blog or my sister blog ( you know I love my stuff.  I have a ton of 'stuff' that I fully intend to use in some format.   However, sometimes your stuff is just stuff.   Here's some of my stuff.

This is a layout of some of my stuff.   Kinda liked it but it always changes during the anchoring of object phase. 
Really hate the glare but I find it very difficult to photograph anything that has glass or Plexiglas that doesn't show some glare.   I added a few more items.    Covered the back of the frame with dress pattern.   Stark black was too stark.

All my stuff to enjoy and none of the dust to worry about.   Give your stuff a special place.