Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I think Maggie created a monster - Boats and more boats

My last post talked about me learning a tiny little bit about acrylics.   The only way to learn more is to do more.    I really like boats - don't own one, but I really like them.   I decided to do more boats.  If you remember I went to a class by Maggie Ruley a few weeks ago and discovered that I loved acrylics.

First, I sketched on what I wanted.   This helps me get the proportions right.

Second - I added a wash of color for the canvases.   Need to cover every square inch with paint so you have a base to pain on.

 Then I put on several layers of paint, shaded them and when satisfied, put a couple coats of shiny varnish on them.   I love them. 

Maybe I will said away in one of them.   That would be fun.