Thursday, February 10, 2011

Metamorphis Monday - CD Cases into Art

Recently my husband found a new container to hold his CDs rather than the cases. My job was to move all the CDs to the new case freeing up a lot of room. Well, I'm a collector, pack rat, hobbyist, and general keeper of good stuff. I had seen an idea in a Country Living Magazine where they had taken a poster and cut it in pieces and used the individual CD cases to hold the poster. Cute - wasn't too excited about framing someone else's work. Gave 15 or so to one friend that does watercolors - I'm waiting for little examples of her work. Gave another 15 or so to another friend who is a mixed media artist. Two weeks ago she called and wanted to show me the example of her little assemblage/mixed media pieces. I absolutely was so excited about her work. She and I both do some of the same generic work (but you couldn't see the similarity between our works except the CD case). Below are my first creations. It would be a cute way to do mini scrapbook pages for grandma, vacation mementos, a freinds special occasion. Lots of ideas, so little time.

Susan at hosts Metamorphis Monday, so stop by her site for lots of inspiration.

They used to be dolls in the making but....

I made thse great little doll faces out of polymer clay years and years ago. They were going to be a set of old dolls. Well, that never happened. Decided to make an assemblage. The saying is "Live -- you are only old once."

Collages and mini-project

This little picture was used in my fancy bedroom miniature scene. It is less than 2 x 3 inches.

It was the perfect picture for my fancy bedroom scene.

Here it is in its original size (8 1/2 x 11). This piece was done in 2009 This piece was done to accompany it. I want to shrink it down for an art gallery scene I have rumbling around in my brain.

I love collage. It is fun using all those interesting pictures/scenes/sayings that I don't want to toss out.

One person's junk....

This is such a mismash of stuff that I don't know where to start. Wine and cheese tray is a Christmas ornament tht I got at a yard sale for 50 cents. The box, I found in a field while walking my dogs. The little base (just a tip of the blue showing) is part of a lamp that bit the dust. Just an invitations 'come for drinks'. Bon Apetit

Playing with food

I was inspired by an article in a craft/art magazine (don't remember just which one now, but it was either Cloth,Paper, Scissors or Sommerset Studio) that said it was okay to play with your food. I love inspirational sayings. Here is my faux pear with a rusty pear inside. Shutter displays the inspiration : "Life is not a race - do take it slower. hear the music before the song is over"