Sunday, December 15, 2013

Trees from tags and other junk paper

Last year my good friend Michele made me a Christmas tree for a gift.  We had both seen a similar tree posted on a yahoo group.    She pursued it and I didn't.   I put that little tree on a shelf and looked at it every day.   I thought it needed partners.     It is SO Cute!

Here they are sitting on the shelf together along with a Santa that I made, on my sister gave me,  and a tree my mother bought me.
Sitting on my work bench.   My very crowded work bench. 

Great way to recycle all those little tags that come into your house each and every year.  
Merry Christmas.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All those little projects????

Do you have a list of  projects to do.   I know about the time I get one project done, I add a dozen more.   Here's some of my latest ones.
I bought this great table and chair set a few years ago. Got it dirt cheap at a yard sale  ($15).   It sat out and the weather (salt air) wasn't very good to it.     Was going to sell it but decided to spruce it up.  The first three pictures show it on the work bench.   I had to sand it down and use a wire brush to get all the yucky finish off.

I have some great plants that have yellow in them so I did the chair and table in yellow.   It makes a nice little vignette.   I'm glad I kept the pair.   So cute.   
I had these little blue shutters for a very long time.   I had about a million uses for them and none of them came to pass.   Put them out at a yard sale a time or two and they didn't sell.   Finally I decided what I wanted to do.   Make a shelf.
Got two brackets and some "L" shaped brackets.   Sanded them down to get the red to show more throught the blue paint.  
 Shuffled around a couple paintings to make room for the shelf.   Displayed a chime at one end that is made with all recycled parts. 
I'm so glad I didn't get rid of the shutters.   The shelf looks really good.  
 Years ago I got this great lamp at a yard sale for $10.    Used it for years and finally the shade shot craps and it didn't light too well and I was a bit afraid of getting shocked with it.   Thought about selling the container with shells but never got around to it.   One day I decided I would rather rewire it and add a new shade.

I'm so glad I didn't part with the container.   So glad to have this project completed.
Still more projects coming up - stay tuned.