Friday, March 4, 2016

Art and Soul Portland - Post 7

Today was my last day of classes.   I had two classes.    Tin Babies in the morning and Collage a Bird in the afternoon.   

Both were great.  I've taken a class from Erin Keck before so I knew it was going to be fun.   Tin babies are made from old tins with antique heads from  old broken dolls.    Great fun, fairly easy and lots of enthusiasm from all participants.

A really fun way to make a cute little doll.   This one is designed to hang.   I have a tin from Pink Hot Chocolate featuring Raggedy Ann & Andy.   I brought it with me with a head to learn to to attach.   Stay tuned for the final outcome of that.

I have quite a few tins that will probably evolve into tin babies.   

So sorry I can't post a picture of  my afternoon class project.   Stay tuned, it is to come.   When I returned to my room I got obsessed with packing and it's in the suitcase.   

It has been a fun week and I hope you have enjoyed it too.  

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Art and Soul Portland - Post 6

Today was day 2 of Jenny Doh class.   It was wonderful.   We were to come with ideas of what we would do with our paintings to make them mature.   I was sure I wanted a dress on a hanger on one of mine.   I was going to hand it veritically and was sure that was where I would head with it.   Well, that was not to be.   When  I posted pictures in the last post, I was sure my painting was nearly done until I studied the painting.   IT wasn't fully covered with paint.   So that is where I started and then it needed to be displayed horizontally.

I put a LOT more paint on the canvas.   I decided to do some strangely colored sunflowers towards the bottom of the painting.   I absolutely love them!!!

This is the class at the end of the session with sampling so far their works.   It was so much fun.

Okay - I did a dress.   It's not done yet.   It is on canvas paper not a mounted canvas.

Still needs a lot of work - but at least I started my dress.  

Then it was back to the bird.   

It was such a fun day.

Tomorrow I have two classes - one in the morning and one in the afternoon.   The morning is tin babies.   Basically that is about tuning old Tins. (Spice, tobacco, etc ) into a doll.

In the afternoon, I do Collage a Bird.   I'm doing a Rooster -  Roosters are big in Key West.    

Stay Tuned.  

Art and Soul Portland - Post 4 - A maturing canvas and Give Them the Bird

Wow, today was fun.   I took the Painting by Heart taught by Jennie Doh.    She is really talented, high energy and quite committed to making you enjoy yourself and create something you like.    We went through an exercise where she gave prompts on how to get the canvas covered.   I am adding three photos that encompass 13 clips of my canvas as it progressed.    We did two canvases in this style and today they will even mature further.   

At this phase lots of paints.   Today we will keep going on both canvases to see where it leads.

My second canvas.   I bought an orange paint and more white during lunch to change the color palette.

I absolutely love, repeat love the flower in the upper center.   It will be fun to see how it transforms today.

Took a break and made about 7 tiles for a fairy cottage.   Cute.

Then on to Doris Arndt's class to do the sculpted bird.   She is the one that I took a class from last year and created these.  

The top two pictures are examples of Doris' work, and the bottom little guys are mine.   When I got home I painted about 10 more.   They were so much fun.

Today, we finish the canvases and then finish the birds.   Really cute little birds.  

Stay tuned.   

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Portland Art and Soul - Post 3

Still on Key West time but had an exciting day.   This morning's class was the Day of the Dead.   Really a fun class taught by Laurie Mika.   This is the second class I've taken with her.   Last year I did a Tin Shrine.   She is a very great Polymer Clay artist and every year I am so delighted with her projects.  

  Laurie doing demonstrations.   She always has great ideas on how to make it really fun and really production.   She worked on a very bright background.

This was my plaque  at various points in the process.    

This was the final projects.   After I came back to my room, I added some gold paint and outlined some areas in black again.    

After really exciting day, I went to the room and actually took a nap.   I loved it.   After a light dinner and a little wine, I went to the next class.   Once I was a Shuttle by Debbie Rjins. There class included the shuttle and we added our own embellishment.  

I was really pleased with the final product.   Need something on the very end, but couldn't decide on what.   So I'll wait until I get home and see if something jumps out at me as the ideal choice.

Such a fun day.   Tomorrow I do day 1 of a two day class called Painting by Heart.    Stay tuned for the details.