Thursday, March 3, 2016

Art and Soul Portland - Post 6

Today was day 2 of Jenny Doh class.   It was wonderful.   We were to come with ideas of what we would do with our paintings to make them mature.   I was sure I wanted a dress on a hanger on one of mine.   I was going to hand it veritically and was sure that was where I would head with it.   Well, that was not to be.   When  I posted pictures in the last post, I was sure my painting was nearly done until I studied the painting.   IT wasn't fully covered with paint.   So that is where I started and then it needed to be displayed horizontally.

I put a LOT more paint on the canvas.   I decided to do some strangely colored sunflowers towards the bottom of the painting.   I absolutely love them!!!

This is the class at the end of the session with sampling so far their works.   It was so much fun.

Okay - I did a dress.   It's not done yet.   It is on canvas paper not a mounted canvas.

Still needs a lot of work - but at least I started my dress.  

Then it was back to the bird.   

It was such a fun day.

Tomorrow I have two classes - one in the morning and one in the afternoon.   The morning is tin babies.   Basically that is about tuning old Tins. (Spice, tobacco, etc ) into a doll.

In the afternoon, I do Collage a Bird.   I'm doing a Rooster -  Roosters are big in Key West.    

Stay Tuned.  

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