Monday, April 7, 2014

Cigar Box Guitars - Let's make music!

I am incredibly blessed to live in Key West.   One of the things that make it so good is The Studios of Key West.   They have lots of classes in lots of different art media methods.   Well, when I was signing up for classes, I saw one that really caught my fancy.   It was making a guitar from the cigar box.   For my closest friends, they know I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket so it wasn't for the music I hope to create; but for the art form.   LOVE THEM!
This past Saturday, I signed up for a class and fortunately my dear friend Michele also signed up.   We had great fun!!!!  
KatFish Karash ready to instruct us in the methods!.
 This was all ready for me when I got there.   16 of us were going to create a masterpiece. 
Lots of containers - and you can see they don't have to be cigar boxes. 
 How about a film canister?
Making progress - getting ready to string the guitar.

All strung and ready to play (but not by me). 

Never one to leave well enough alone, I added gears and some wood burning.  I added my initials to keep someone else from claiming credit.  

Now here I am alongside Michele.   If you see me out playing music in public - give money - LOTS OF MONEY because I obviously will need help.   
It was great fun!!!! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oh my - what a mess!!! But I can fix it.

I have a lot of storage for such a small house.   I have worked almost constantly to improve the quality and quantity of my storage.   Well, one spot was such a disaster,.   I expect you will agree.

It had everything stacked on top of everything else.   Couldn't get to most of it without taking everyghing off of the shelf.   Hence, I didn't use most of it.

A couple hours and some scrap lumber - I have two shelves and I can get to the items on the shelves.   I don't know why I put it off for so long.