Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rick Worth's Boot Camp

A few weeks ago I attended Rick Worth's Boot Camp.   It's a two-hour camp (this one was for women) where you paint a finished painting in two hours.  You use house paint in primary colors plus black and white.   He has a great approach, is funny, and very instructional.    It is certainly a fun time.

Wire Wrapped Pendant

A couple of years ago I made dozens of wire wrapped pendants. Sold a bunch. Need to make more, but this was the last one left and this week it found a new home in Pennsylvania. I am happy that it's going to a good home and will now feel like I can make a bunch more.

Sorry I haven't posted recently, but I've been having some problems with Blogspot and it turns out a google 'fix' didn't fix it. Hopefully no more problems.