Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Portland Art and Soul - Post 3

Still on Key West time but had an exciting day.   This morning's class was the Day of the Dead.   Really a fun class taught by Laurie Mika.   This is the second class I've taken with her.   Last year I did a Tin Shrine.   She is a very great Polymer Clay artist and every year I am so delighted with her projects.  

  Laurie doing demonstrations.   She always has great ideas on how to make it really fun and really production.   She worked on a very bright background.

This was my plaque  at various points in the process.    

This was the final projects.   After I came back to my room, I added some gold paint and outlined some areas in black again.    

After really exciting day, I went to the room and actually took a nap.   I loved it.   After a light dinner and a little wine, I went to the next class.   Once I was a Shuttle by Debbie Rjins. There class included the shuttle and we added our own embellishment.  

I was really pleased with the final product.   Need something on the very end, but couldn't decide on what.   So I'll wait until I get home and see if something jumps out at me as the ideal choice.

Such a fun day.   Tomorrow I do day 1 of a two day class called Painting by Heart.    Stay tuned for the details.  

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