Monday, February 29, 2016

Portland Art & Soul - Post 2 - Delectable Paper and Cloth

Well, Day 2 started over very early.    I am still on Key West Time and called Ron early.   He said, it's 2:30  in the morning there.  Yes it was.  Fortunately I went back to sleep.

Today's class was Liz Kettle's Delectable Paper and cloth.   You print fabrics on a gelatin plate.   You can buy gelatin plates, but these were made from Knox Gelatin and she is giving us the recipe to make them.   Now there is no stopping me.   

The above pictures are samples of what was done in the class.   Lots and lots of examples.   I printed on paper, coffee filters, flannel, painter's drop cloth and mostly unable ached muslin.   All were great.   I never knew you could print on gelatin plates.     This was an all day class and such fun.   Seemed like the more I did, the more I liked it.   

Took a break and had a small dinner and visited with other participants.   So much fun.   In the evening I took Eva Sherman's class on vine making with copper wire.   I made a cuff style bracelet and learned to weld in the process and also made two pendants.   I was supposed to be making a ring on the smaller one and didn't like it one bit.   Flattened it and made a small pendants.   Kept two projects as dark patinaed copper and one as just copper.  Really love this project.  

Originally posted without a picture.   Thought I should correct that!

The smaller pendant was originally to be a ring.   I will try that again at home.  

I left it copper with the others in a dark patina.   I really like it, even if it was an artistic mistake.

Tomorrow I'm attending a class - the Day of the Dead.   Should be fun.  

See you tomorrow.   

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Raven In BC said...

Thanks for sharing, Sheila. Wish I was there this year, but, I am not, so I will enjoy it through your experiences! I made gelli plates years ago and have gotten back into it again. It is great fun, run with it. I had Liz Kettle last year, really enjoyed her.