Monday, February 29, 2016

Portland for a week. Attending art and soul retreat.

Finished two legs of a three legged trip.   Waiting in San Diego for about two hours to get flight to Portland.  

Other than a little confusion about getting a new boarding pass, getting to the flight operated by Alaskan Airlines was great.   Service was good.   Flight arrived in Portland right on time and the shuttle was waiting at the curb.  My reservations at the hotel were a little confusing but all was confirmed.   Got my load of stuff to the room and made it to registration and then to the meet and greet on opening night.   This is where you can see what the various instructors are teaching.   I think I made some very good choices.   

Erin Keck was teaching a little class hi-lighting some new (at least new to me) paints and glazes.   This was an embelishments to our name tags.   I was almost too tired to do it after being on flights all day; but I did it and had fun.   

Had a few snacks and a glass of wine and then back to the room.   

Got all my stuff unpacked and put away and organized my stuff for the first day.   Now to get some sleep.

Oh by the way, from MIA to San Diego, I watched a movies I never was going to watch - The Intern.   It was very funny.   Loved it.   

Stay tuned for more pictures and things.   

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