Thursday, March 3, 2016

Art and Soul Portland - Post 4 - A maturing canvas and Give Them the Bird

Wow, today was fun.   I took the Painting by Heart taught by Jennie Doh.    She is really talented, high energy and quite committed to making you enjoy yourself and create something you like.    We went through an exercise where she gave prompts on how to get the canvas covered.   I am adding three photos that encompass 13 clips of my canvas as it progressed.    We did two canvases in this style and today they will even mature further.   

At this phase lots of paints.   Today we will keep going on both canvases to see where it leads.

My second canvas.   I bought an orange paint and more white during lunch to change the color palette.

I absolutely love, repeat love the flower in the upper center.   It will be fun to see how it transforms today.

Took a break and made about 7 tiles for a fairy cottage.   Cute.

Then on to Doris Arndt's class to do the sculpted bird.   She is the one that I took a class from last year and created these.  

The top two pictures are examples of Doris' work, and the bottom little guys are mine.   When I got home I painted about 10 more.   They were so much fun.

Today, we finish the canvases and then finish the birds.   Really cute little birds.  

Stay tuned.   

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